Football Bananas was established in order to provide an outlet for Authentic Sports Memorabilia. We have quickly established ourselves in the sports memorabilia industry.

We ensure that our items are genuine with the majority of our items coming from private signing sessions where the players are paid a fee to sign a number of items, this enables us to provide photo proof on most occasions with our Certificate of Authenticity.

In addition to our website, we also provide an auction service where we provide items for Cruise Ships as well as National Companies on a weekly basis.

Do not buy fakes, there are a number of people that are selling fake memorabilia on ebay and by other outlets. For example a multi signed Team Football Shirt is extremely difficult to obtain, however on ebay and on some other outlets there are numerous ones on offer!

We are members of AFTAL (Autograph and Fair Trade Association Ltd) and EPS (Exclusive Private Signings). AFTAL supports and works with the Police, Trading Standards and others, and to find and ensure prosecution of those involved in the creation and sale of non-authentic material. All AFTAL approved dealers have been through a very strict approval process. The Exclusive Private Signings Group is a group of established and new dealers, the EPS GROUP was formed in April 2008 by a number of respected dealers who are directly involved in autographs, signed memorabilia and the organisation of related events. Membership of the EPS GROUP is by invitation only and the aim of the EPS GROUP is to provide the public with genuine authentic items of memorabilia.